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Yoga Shaping Ring Tension Band

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Product description

Let's Burn excess fats, slim our body, reduce stress, build muscle and improve our strength.

This Yoga Shaping Ring Tension Band is suitable for practicing yoga indoors and outdoors, and can also be used for recovery and strength training. It is made of natural latex, which can effectively improve muscle strength, physical strength, capacity, and flexibility, and improve sports performance. 

Yoga Shaping Ring Tension Band

Yoga Shaping Ring Tension Band Features:

  • Burn fat, slim body, reduce stress, build muscle, the place with it in the gym.
  • It can be used to slender arms, tighten the back, activate the hips, slim waist and abdomen, and lose weight

  • Natural latex is often used as a food-grade contact material, which has the characteristics of the high elasticity, good tear resistance and wears resistance. Having a latex fragrance is a good way to identify authenticity.

Yoga Shaping Ring Tension Band

  • You can use a lot of exercises, back, chest, shoulder, arm, etc.

Yoga Shaping Ring Tension Band

  • Our resistance organizations are an important complement to any training or recovery force, and they come from all sizes, lengths, and strengths.


Yoga Shaping Ring Tension Band Color Specifications:

  • Yellow:  15-25lb (6.8-11.3kg) , 81.8" (2080mm) x 0.51" (13mm) x 0.17 (4.5mm)
  • Blue:  30-50lb (13.6-22.7kg) , 81.8" (2080mm) x 0.82" (21mm) x 0.17 (4.5mm)
  • Green:  50-75lb (22.6-34.0kg) , 81.8" (2080mm) x 1.14" (29mm) x 0.17 (4.5mm)
  • Black: 75-95lb (34.0-43.0kg) , 81.8" (2080mm) x 1.25" (32mm) x 0.17 (4.5mm)
  • Red: 100-120lb (45.3-54.4kg) , 81.8" (2080mm) x 1.77" (45mm) x 0.17 (4.5mm)