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Waterproof Two-color Eyeliner Gel Cream Eyes Cosmetic Makeup Tools - Black & Blue

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Product description

Charm squint eyeliner retains makeup for more than 8 hours, abandoning the shortcomings of traditional eyeliner, this eyeliner is not easy to smudge, even the oily skin´s crush will not easily drop makeup!

  • The design of the flat head brush is soft and hard. It can be thick and thin: the brush of the soft hair is smooth, the lines can be thick and fine, and the eye muscles can be grasped without damage to the soft eye muscles.
  • Rich color and pure black: extracting propylene carbonate, the color is rich and long-lasting, not easy to fade
  • Powerful Waterproof,anti-sweat and anti-formulation, full color, black, long-lasting, no makeup, easy to outline the charm of the electric eye
  • Quick dry, The effect is lasting
  • Some texture,bright color,smooth picture of nature can
  • be thick eyeliner,highlighting the fascinating crystal eyes
  • Contains moisturizing ingredients repair factor detail tender
  • 4 Color can choose(Black, Brown, Blue, Purple)
  • How To Use It:
    Single eyelid: The horizontal brush head is drawn from the corner of the eye along the root of the eyelash to the end of the eye. The horizontal brush makes it easy to create thick and rough lines, making the eyes look more beautiful.
    Inside the eyes: Raise the brush head, start from the middle of the eyelid along the root of the eyelashes, thicken at the end of the eye to the double eyelids, wait for the eyeliner to dry and then blink, avoiding eyelids.
    Double eyelids: Raise the brush head, draw it from the roots of the eyelashes, and fill the gaps in the roots of the eyelashes to make the eyes shine naturally.
Brand Music Flower
Name Eyeliner
Net 3g*2
Gross Weight 1.98oz / 56.1g
Color Black & Blue
Package Includes
  • 2 x Eyeliner