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UK/EU/AU to US Power Plug Converter Travel Adapter White

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Product description
This travel adapter converter is exquisite, safe, easy to carry, transform plug socket adapter which is suitable used indifferent countries. The plug and socket specifications, a relaxed, speak smoothly! This universal travel adapter can only convert current not voltage. Insert the plug the country with it, after a convertible out two holes and a universal three holes. Original plug set of meshing technique ensures the safety of the users.
  • UK/EU/AU to US Power Plug Converter Adapter is in new condition
  • Small and lightweight design.
  • For using Europe devices in Australia
  • This Travel Adapter has two holes and it is easy to insert into your sockets
  • AU pins go into the wall, European flat pins go into the adapter
  • Easy to use, convenient to carry
Size 3.8(L) x 3(W)cm / 1.5(L)" x 1.18(W)"
Material ABS
Color white
Package Includes
  • 1 x UK/EU/AU to US Power Plug Converter Adapter