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Product description
The word mamori (守り) means protection, with omamori being the sonkeigo (honorific) form of the word, "to protect". Originally made from paper or wood, modern amulets are small items usually kept inside a brocade bag and may contain a prayer, religious inscription of invocation. Omamori are available at both Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples with few exceptions and are available for sale, regardless of one's religious affiliation.
Omamori are then made sacred through the use of ritual, and are said to contain busshin (spiritual offshoots) in a Shinto context or kesshin (manifestations) in a Buddhist context.
While omamori are intended for temple tourists' personal use, they are mainly viewed as a donation to the temple or shrine the person is visiting. Visitors often give omamori as a gift to another person as a physical form of well-wishing.
ltem Type: Omamori
Style: Cute/Romantic
Material: Brocade
Usage:gift,bag pendant
Gender: Unisex
Package Includes
  • 1 x Omamori

Usually the Omamori is hung in a specific place as a charm, or carry it with you. The use of defensive is generally considered to have the following restrictions:
It is not recommended to take it apart. Unlocking the bound strap, the power of the gods will run out of it, and the defensive will lose its effectiveness.