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Space Shuttle Night Lamp

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Product description

While Science advances to explore the Universe, the trips of a space shuttle to the moon is really fascinating, isn’t it? The Space Rocket Night Lamp for Kids  captures this essence of the space camp and brings to you a replica of the space shuttle in the form of a night lamp.

It is a unique 3D printed shuttle lamp that is equipped with a mild orange light to light up your room in the dark. This space shuttle will give a charismatic aura to your living room, bedroom or study, wherever it is placed.

Space Rocket Night Lamp for Kids has been specially crafted with an enigmatic design of the launch pad of a space shuttle that lights up when turned on, just like the way an original shuttle is launched. The smoky design actually carries the light and the space shuttle is situated upright to mimic the launch session in reality.

It is equipped with a strong inbuilt battery that will run for the entire night and the LED lights will illuminate the whole room.


  • One-button Operation: You can switch Space Rocket Night Lamp for Kids on and off using just one button that is situated underneath the lamp, on its base. You will not have to deal with those wires that have to be plugged in to switch the lamp on. You can easily light it up even when there isn’t a  power socket nearby.

  • Makes for a Perfect Gift: Space Rocket Night Lamp for Kids can be ideally used as a gifting piece since it will not just bring a touch of the vast and beyond into your hands but will make a perfect gift item to any space enthusiast. Whether it is your kids or a friend or your sibling who roots for space and universe, this shuttle lamp will light up their room and eyes both.
    Space Shuttle Night Lamp
  • Rechargeable Batteries: Equipped with rechargeable batteries, you can simply use your Android charger to juice Spacence™ up. Once you have charged it fully, you can take it out in the porch or garden or terrace and watch the lamp do its magic.

  • Lightweight and Portable: Unlike those traditional lamps, Spacence™ is easy to operate and carry around. Since it is lightweight, you can simply take it from one place to another without much hassle. It is also easier to wrap it for gifting purpose and presented to your loved ones.
    Space Shuttle Night Lamp
  • Energy Efficient:  It only takes up to 5W of power and runs for the entire night. This will also not reflect heavily on your monthly bills and serve as an important piece of home care needs.
    Space Shuttle Night Lamp


  • Material: 3D Print, Premium Grade PLA (Polylactic Acid)
  • Battery: ion-Lithium
  • Voltage: 5V


  • 1 x Space Shuttle Night Lamp for Kids