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Small Pet Carrier Breathable Pouch Bag

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Small Pet Carrier Breathable Pouch Bag

You commonly see cats and dogs brought by their owners to the mall and park. But, it is not every day that you see guinea pigs, hamsters, and rabbits with their owners in public places. Smaller pets like hamsters and guinea pigs are harder to bring outdoor than dogs and cats. They are so small so there’s a good chance that they might get lost in transit or might run away if you do not have a proper carrier for them. Good thing now, there’s this guinea pig carrier, and it is just the perfect holder for your small furry friends! From afar, you’ll think that it is just an ordinary sling bag. But, up close, you’ll notice that it is actually a carrier for your small pets. You wear this carrier like a sling bag across your body. Now, you can finally take your hamsters and guineas with you!


Hamsters, Guineas, and Bunnies are smaller pets. And, because of this, you can easily lose them in a public place if you are not careful enough. Using this carrier is the best option for you if you are planning to take them out for a little walk. It’s a mesh airhole that makes it easy for your pets to breathe. The big holes in the mesh provide enough air to ventilate the inside of the carrier. It also has a zipper-lock that prevents your pets from escaping. The inside also has a soft plush cover so they can comfortably rest and sleep while you carry them in the pouch.


Using this pouch is both convenient and necessary. You just have to wear it like a regular sling bag. Plus, since it’s just hanging on your body, you can easily check on your pet every now and then.

  • Now, there’s finally a safe cage carrier for your smaller pets like Hamsters, Bunnies, Sugar Gliders, and Guinea Pigs
  • It has air holes for ventilation and a plush interior for your pet’s comfort
  • You can wear it as a sling bag so you can check on your pet every now and then
  • Material: Sponge + Velvet
  • Size Variants:
    • S : 17 x 14 cm/Strap Length: 90 cm
    • M : 22 x 19 cm/Strap Length: 90 cm
    • L : 27 x 22 cm/Strap Length: 90 cm
  • Package Content:
    • 1 x Pet Carrier Bag