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Portable Clip-on Car Trash Bin

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Car Bin Portable Clip-on Trash Can

Most of us (if not all of us) have had times that we need to dispose of small litters while driving inside our cars. Sometimes it’s an old receipt that we need to get rid of. Or, a bubble gum wrapper that begs to be disposed of, or sometimes a small bottle cap. Good thing this car bin is a convenient and portable clip-on trash can for your car. It has a flip cover design just like most full-size trash cans. It is perfect to have one inside your car so you have a ready bin for small litters. You’ll love this trash can because it is compact but it has a large capacity. It also has a clip-on design so you can easily attach it to the side consoles and even near the driver’s seat.


Having a ready trash can inside your car is convenient and necessary. At some point, you will have to dispose of a small piece of garbage while you are boarding your car. This car bin has an easy clip design. Ideally, you place this trash can on the side consoles so it does not disturb anyone else’s space inside the car. If you are driving alone, you can clip it on the driver’s side so you have easy access to your trash bin. It is a space-saving trash bin with a large capacity. Plus, it’s flip cover prevents the trash from spilling over in case of turbulence.


This trash can is universal. It is suitable for all types of cars regardless of the size and design of the interior. Moreover, the clip at the back is also universal so you can clip it to any part of your car as long as it fits. Keep your car’s inside tidy at all times by keeping this handy car bin always available.

  • A clip-on universal flip-cover trash bin
  • Keep your car tidy from small pieces of trash when you have this car bin
  • Its flip cover prevents the trash from spilling
  • Material: ABS/Weight: approx. 135g
  • Size: 14.8cmx8.3cmx11.7cm
  • Package Content:
    • 1 x Car Bin