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Pet UFO Slow Feeder Ball Toy

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Product description
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  • Leak Holes in Different Sizes: Designed holes in different diameters. Fits all sizes of pet food, no matter large pet food or small one.
  • Anti-bite Material: Applied with anti-bite and wear-resistant material, which can resist the bite of dog chewers.
  • Creative UFO Design: Multi-purpose to use, enable pets to reduce boredom time and relieve anxiety.
  • Effectively Improve Pet's IQ: Easy to play, pet will get treat reward with a nudge. Pet will learn how to play it by himself, which helping to effectively increase dog's IQ


  • Multi-functional Dog Toy
  • Dog Treat Ball
  • IQ Interactive Food Dispensing
  • Pet Puzzle Toy
  • UFO Chasing Toy
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    Multi-functional Dog Toy

    This Frisbee dog treat ball enables your pet playing by himself. It can be used as a treat toy, training toy, slow feeder, and also a puzzle toy. 


    Relieve Anxiety


    • This pet slow feeder will slower dog's feeding time, and your dog/cat will get reward when he gets the leaky food. Helping to relieve stress and anxiety when owners are not at home.


    Improve IQ


    • There are several holes on the UFO treat ball. Dog/cat will learn how to get the dog treat/food out. Improving their IQ and becoming smarter.

    How to Clean this Planet Treat Toy?

    Simply wipe with a cloth or rinse in under clean water, waterproof, easy to clean and fast dry.

    Why Your Pet Need Our Toy?

    This Frisbee treat toy also can be used as a slow feeder, which will slower your pet feeding time, reducing boredom, anxiety and destructive behavior. In addition, protecting pets gut health.