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Pet Birthday Hat Funny Headwear

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Dog Birthday Hat Funny Headwear

Dogs are more than just pets, they are family. That is why it is just right that we also celebrate their birthday with their own cake and this funny dog birthday hat! This dog birthday hat is not your usual birthday hat that’s from disposable paper material. In fact, this hat is from high-quality corduroy cloth complete with a “happy birthday” note in front and standing birthday candles. Of course, you’ll have to take a cute photo of them with this hat and share it with your friends online. Moreover, since this hat is from cloth material, it is washable and also reusable. This means that you can use it for your other cats and dogs, and even for their birthdays in the coming years! If you do the math, you’ll be able to save more with this reusable hat than on disposable one.

Concealable Strap

Dogs and cats are naturally restless. That’s why this hat has an adjustable string so the hat does not fall from your dog’s head whenever they move restlessly. What’s great about this hat is that the strap is slim so that it’s easy to conceal on your photos. Since it is a thin strap, you can easily hide it on your dog’s thick fur. So, in the photos, it will look like they’re not using any strap at all! Please take note, however, that this hat fits small to medium breed dogs only. For cats, it will fit all cat breeds since most domestic cat breeds are relatively small.

Photoshoot Prop

Are you planning to have a photoshoot for your pet’s birthday? Then, this birthday hat is the perfect headwear to complete your pet’s costume. It’s a creative headwear that screams birthday and celebration. That’s why it is definitely a must-have prop for your beloved pet’s photoshoot!


  • A creative birthday hat for your pet cats and dogs birthday celebration
  • It has an adjustable strap so it does not fall from your pet’s head; Slim strap so it’s easy to conceal
  • It’s from cloth material so it is washable and reusable!
  • Material: Corduroy / Suitable for dogs and cats with head less than 35 cm in size
  • Outer Dia: 16 cm / Inner Dia: 8 cm / Height: 20 cm
  • Package Content:
    • 1 x Dog Birthday Hat