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Parrot Toy Bird Hanging Rope

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Parrot Toy Bird Hanging Rope

Parrots are funny birds as they can imitate voices. This is one reason why many love to keep them as a pet. Not only are they beautiful species of birds but they are entertaining as well. If you own one, then get them this parrot toy for them to enjoy. Getting them to live on cages might be hard for them. So, make sure that they stay happy by providing them toys to play around with. The same goes for any other birds that you have as pets. Giving them toys will make them active in their cages. That way, they’ll not lose exercise or feel lonely. Many pets, especially birds die when they feel too lonely. Especially in some cases for specific kinds of birds. Moreover, these pets like to hang around. So it is best that there are plenty of things they can hang to in their cage.

Durable and Colorful

Birds like to spend their time hanging around. This parrot toy hanging rope allows your bird to have fun sitting on this. It is like a twirling rope where they can follow and sit on. It is important that this bird rope can support the weight of your bird. Good thing that this one is durable and will be able to fully support your bird for them to avoid injuries. Aside from that, the rope itself is very attractive for them because of how colorful it is. It has a braid style of many beautiful colors that will definitely catch their attention.

Entertaining Bird Toy

Aside from it being good for your bird, like how it allows your pet to get exercise, it is entertaining as well. On the edge of this twirl rope, there is this tiny bell attached. So, when your bird moves this rope, it creates a cute little bell sound.

  • Add one of this parrot toy hanging rope for your pet bird’s cage for them to enjoy
  • This hanging rope is durable and can support your bird’s weight, the colorful design is also very attractive
  • It has this cute little bell on the edge of this rope to create sounds when they move it
  • Material: Cotton Rope+Metal
  • Length: 50cm or 19.7 inch (Approx)
  • Diameter: 1.8cm (Approx)
  • Package Content:
    • 1 x Parrot Toy Bird Hanging Rope