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ORIS FUR. Power Lift Chair Soft Fabric Recliner Lounge Living Room Sofa with Remote Control(Not available on Walmart)

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Product description

ORIS FUR. Power Lift Chair Soft Fabric Recliner Lounge Living Room Sofa with Remote Control 

(Not available on Walmart)







Overall Dimensions(inch)

32.3" (W) X 36.2" (D) X 39.8" (H)

Seat Dimension

19.7" (W) X 20.9" (D) X 18.9" (H)

Set Includes

Electric power lift ,Recliner

Weight Capacity


Assembly Required

About 10 minutes

Packages Information





33’’ L *31’’ W *  31’’ H    


Selling point:

1. Power Lift Chair
2. Power Recline
3.Wired controller
4. Side Pocket
5. Easy to assemble

After Sales Service:

1. Missing or damaging parts when receiving the product, we will send the accessory for free.
2. Compensation for all losses caused by the product quality or logistics problems
3. Compensation for some losses of removing bad reviews caused by product problems

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