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Methven Kiri Bathroom Hand Held Shower Head Low Flow 1.5 GPM Use 40% Less Water

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Product description
Creating amazing water experiences is what we do every day at Methven, and have done since 1886. Today, Methven is world renowned for beautifully designed, award-winning showers, taps and valves. Kiri Collection is based on Satinjet patented technology. Unlike conventional showers, Satinjet uses unique twin-jet technology to create optimum water droplet size and pressure, with over 300,000 droplets per second. The result is an immersive, full-body shower sensation that transforms your regular shower into an experience like no other.
Kiri collection combines beauty and practicality with water-saving technologies built in. The answer for lovers of clean lines and strong, dynamic forms. This solid architectural style makes its presence known in your bathroom and kitchen, but not on the environment.

- Satinjet patented technology provide immersive, full-body experience that transforms your regular shower into an everyday delight. - Unbelievable 1.5 gallons per minute flow rate in combination with Satinjet patented technology uses 40% less water than US industry standard conventional showers. - Ultra-wide coverage. A full-bodied soft spray for all-over warmth and maximum body contact. - Easy do-it-yourself installation. Quick-fit connector, ensuring perfect alignment and a flawless watertight seal. - Great ergonomics and design - clean lines and strong, dynamic forms. - All pressure design. Suitable for all water pressures above 10kPa/0.1 bar. - 60 inches hose and adjustable hand shower arm mount are included. - Engineered in New Zealand.