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Household Automatic Cleaning Brush

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Product description

The bathroom is arguably the most difficult place to clean, but the household automatic cleaning brush will make it easier for you. It is electrical and has a retractable handle making it a perfect cleaning assistant. You do not have to stretch or bend over to reach all angles and corners in the room. You can adjust the brush to the appropriate length and angle needed and clean the place without straining.

This cleaning brush is also wireless, making it easy for you to use. You can clean your tiles, bathroom, sink, and crevices around your house without the wire interrupting you.

Keep Every Surface Spotlessly Clean

The household automatic cleaning brush comes with 3 replaceable brush heads to ensure that even the hard to reach areas are kept clean. One has a big brush head to clean large surface areas. It is also soft to help it clean fragile goods. Another has a round brush head that looks like a concave and is suitable for cleaning bathtubs and sinks. The last one is a corner scrubber head that is ideal for cleaning hard to reach areas. Combined with the adjustable handle, you can keep every part of your house clean without struggling at all.


  • Effective

This automatic cleaning brush has a brush head that rotates at 360 degrees. This makes it able to clean corners and high places well. It also enables it to clean flat surfaces thoroughly, making it suitable to use for polishing and waxing.

  • Multifunctional

The household automatic cleaning brush is ideal for cleaning your bathroom, car, swimming pool, all types of floors, and other surfaces too. It can get rid of mildew, soap scum, and other types of dirt easily.

  • Rechargeable

This cleaning brush comes with a charging port on the tip of the handle that allows you to power up the brush. It has a waterproof cover that seals it up to keep water away and enables the brush to work for a long time. It also has an on and off button that you press to use the brush or to stop it from scrubbing. Since it is operated electrically, you can scrub off stubborn stains without using so much effort.

  • Great Gift Idea

The household automatic cleaning brush is a perfect gift idea for your friends and family. Being able to scrub your bathroom floors without having to bend and hurt your knees would motivate your husband and kids to help you do the house chores. Your wife, mom, grandma, and friends would appreciate owning this brush.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 15 cm x 95 cm


1 x Household Automatic Cleaning Brush