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Hair Cutting Cloak Umbrella Cape

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Hair Cutting Cape Barber Shop Tool

Personal hygiene and good grooming are important and necessary for all of us. Good grooming includes trimming your nails and keeping them clean, trimming your beard if you have any, and most importantly, keeping your hair at the right length and style. And with every trip to the barber, you’ll see your hair fall down to the floor with every snip of the barber’s scissors. Afterward, the barber will have to clean the shop by sweeping your hair out of the room. This hair cutting cape is for every barber in the world. It is in an umbrella-like shape with curved edges that prevent your cut hair from falling to the floor. After every hair cut, all you have to do is collect the hair from the cape. Gone are your days of sweeping off the hair from the barber shop’s floor.


Traditional hair cutting capes are long gowns of nylon and silk material. Usually, it’s a knee-length cloth that keeps the hair out of the customer’s body. However, the down-side about it is that the hair falls down straight to the floor with every snip of the scissors. This cape is a practical hair cutting cape because of its unique design. The umbrella-like design with its folded edge prevents the cut hair from falling to the floor. So, as a barbershop owner, you can save more time when you use this cape instead of the traditional one. Moreover, this cape also keeps your barbershop clean all the time because no hair will fall down to the floor.


The problem with long traditional haircutting capes is that it makes the customer feel warm and uncomfortable inside. But, since this cape is only shoulder-level, it leaves the rest of the lower body feeling cool and fresh.

  • This handy hair cutting umbrella catches those annoying hair clippings that fall down your neck, into your clothes and onto the floor. Imagine no more sweeping or vacuuming.

  • No more itchy, irritated skin. Great for kids or adults. Fastens comfortably but snuggly with a "touch" closure. This hair care product is made of wipe-clean nylon. Folds for compact storage. 22" diam. Rests on Shoulders Like an Upside Down Umbrella to Catch Messy Hair Clippings

  • For home and salon use!

  • Adjusts to fit neck

  • Not scattered by the cut hair The easy mantle to put on only

  • Clothes and the floor can be trimmed without making them dirty because the cut hair collects at the ditch of the manteau.

  • Diameter: 60cm.

  • Color: silver gray style: package edge

  • Weight: about 70g / month.

  • Transparent OPP Bag Packaging Folding Dimensions:About 30cm * 30cm * 1cm