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Guinea Pig Bed Burger Design

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Guinea Pig Bed Burger Design

Guinea pigs and hamsters are small pets. They are not too messy and not too hard to maintain so they are great pets for kids, and even for adults too! This guinea pig bed is a comfortable, burrow-like bed for your small pets like guineas and hamsters. What makes this bed unique is its burger design. Your pets will look really cute when their heads pop-out from the whole from the “burger”. It’s also very cozy and warm inside. Moreover, it is a comfortable home for your small pets. It’s like their little burrow where they can hide in. It also gives them privacy where they can rest away from disturbance. This guinea pig bed is the best bed for your small pets. It’s also small enough to fit inside your bag if you are taking your pets on a trip.

Comfortable Bed

This bed is made up of plush and sponge material. It has side barriers so your pets get the privacy and comfort that they deserve. This bed is ideal for small pets like sugar gliders, white rats, guineas, and hamsters. These small animals love to make burrows. And it’s always that beds like these that give them enough privacy are available in the market. This bed understands the needs of your furry friends. That’s why it has a cave-like design, and it is close to all sides and only the front part has an opening. Aside from that it also gives them warmth on the colder days when they need more insulation.

Cute Design

If you are looking for style and functionality, then you came to the right place. This guinea pig bed is unique because of its burger design. Your pets will look really cute when they pop their head from the whole. Plus, it’s picture-perfect too!

  • A burrow-like bed where your small pets can hide for comfort and rest
  • This bed provides privacy to your pets because it is closed on all sides
  • It comes with an anti-drop chain for your pet’s safety
  • Material: Short Plush & Sponge Refill/Size: 8x6cm/ 3.1×2.3inch
  • Suitable for Sugar Gliders, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, and other small animals similar to their size
  • Package Content:
    • 1 x Guinea Pig House with Chain