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Flashing LED Dog Ball

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Flashing LED Dog Ball

Dogs are great stress-relievers. That’s why they are called man’s best friend. Spending time with your dog and playing with them helps lower your stress levels. Moreover, a dog’s playtime will also lengthen their lives because it’s a great form of exercise for them. However, if you are a working adult, you may not have time in the morning to play with your dogs because of your busy schedule. So, you’ll only have time to spend with them at night when you get home from work. Good thing there’s this light-up dog ball, a bite-proof ball that you can use when playing fetch at night! This ball has glowing gems that illuminate at night. So, it’s attractive to your dog’s eyes, thus, they’ll be excited to play fetch with you. Moreover, since it is glows-up, it is easier to locate where you threw it.


Dogs and puppies love to bite their teeth on something. It’s actually a healthy act because it strengthens their teeth and it exercises their mouth muscles. Luckily, this dog ball is a bite-resistant dog ball. It’s from a durable rubber material that does not easily tear when bitten. Moreover, it’s also an elastic ball so your dogs will enjoy chewing on it because of its stretchy texture. This ball lights up and flashes for 12 seconds. The light is activated when it bounces on the ground. This ball also makes a squeaking sound when you press it or your dog bites it. It’s a dog ball that every dog owner should have.

Small to Medium Dogs

This dog ball is suitable for small and medium dogs. However, if you wish to use it on bigger breed dogs like German Shepherd, Husky, and the like, make sure you check it regularly for any damage.

  • Play fetch with your pet dogs even at night, it’s easier when you have this light-up dog ball
  • It’s an elastic and durable dog ball that’s suitable for small and medium-breed dogs
  • The light flashes for 12 seconds when the ball bounces on the ground; Makes a squeaking sound when bitten or pinched
  • Material: Rubber
  • Size: 6.6 cm / 2.6 inch (diameter) / Item Weight: 58g / 2.05oz
  • Package Content:
    • 1 x Light-Up Dog Ball