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Electric Window Cleaner Robot

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Product description

WINBOT X | Window Cleaning Robot-ECOVACS

A new world of window cleaning is coming your way! Our Electric Window Cleaner Robot is a free-moving, adaptable, intelligent appliance that attaches to your glass and travels the surface until every inch is spotless.


  • Our Electric Window Cleaner Robot adapts to your window, moves intelligently and safely and applies powerful systems of cleaning until the work is done
  • Automatically chooses the smartest path: It can identify your window's size and shape, then creates an intelligent, systematic cleaning path
  • Multi-stage process and Deep Clean Mode for thorough results
  • Using a thorough 4-stage cleaning system, It squeegees and wipes in every direction to fully contain the cleaning solution and leave the windows streak-free and sparkling
  • Deep Clean Mode goes back over the same areas to ensure a polished end result
  • Safety Tether System ensures that It will stay safe during outdoor as well as indoor cleaning
  • A 2.4 GHz connection to the main robot, the system monitors and ensures safe status of the robot
  • Robot will emit alarms if the suction cup in system air pressure is smaller than 3.5Kpa to ensure the tether's connection to the glass
  • If the robot appears to risk falling, the tether will draw it back towards itself, providing an active system of protection


  • WINBOT X robot
  • Remote control
  • Power adaptor
  • Four cleaning pads
  • Cleaning solution


  • 12.28"H x 5.66"W x 18.7"D
  • Weight: 11 lbs.
  • Battery life: 50-min. run time
  • Battery charge time: 2.5-hr.
  • Cleaning path width: 10.7-in.
  • Manufacturer's 1-year limited warranty
  • Model no. WINBOT X