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Easy Bath & Trim Cat Bag -2 pack(Radom color)

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Product description

Have you been looking for a comfortable and easy way to groom your cat?

Our brand-new cat bag will be your number one ally! Regardless of the reason, some cats don’t like holding still, therefore is so hard to give them medication, brush their teeth and trim their nails, and the more you try the harder your cat will struggle. This is why you should get this amazing trimming bag which is very comfortable for your cat and has a revolutionary design that makes it very easy to use. The looseness of the bag makes it easy to put in your cat, allows him unrestricted movement inside of it for comfort, and prevents him from scratching through the material, you both will love it!

  • No trauma, no drama! Once you have properly adjust the collar around his neck, he will be safe and secured in the bag
  • Purrfect for cats with long and short hair!
  • Save time and energy! Thanks to this product trimming your cat has never been that easy
  • Essential for cat owners! thanks to this wonderful bag, other cat owners will enjoy bathing their beloved kittens
  • You will be safe too! Your hand will not get bitten or scratched while trimming your cat thanks to this wonderful bag
  • High quality material! It’s made of heavy-duty polyester to let water in and out when bathing

If you want to make sure your cat is not getting traumatizing experiences from long-lasting grooming sessions, look no further than this practical trim cat bag,

Good to know:

  • Size: Length 52 cm & Width 36 cm
  • Max Neck Size: 32cm