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Drawing Projector Easy Tracing

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Drawing Projector Easy Tracing

Sketch like a pro and impress your family and friends with your superb drawing skills. This drawing projector is a tool that projects an image from your mobile phone or tablet to your sketch pad. It is a screen-like projector that comes with a stand that also works as a phone/tablet holder. The image on your gadget projects to the sketch pad and all you have to do is trace the outline of the image using your drawing pencil. Mastering the art of drawing is a lot easier when you use this drawing projector. You can now draw beautiful images even though you are not that good in sketching. This tool is great for those who are still learning how to sketch and draw. It’s a universal tool that works with all types of gadgets whether it’s a mobile phone or a tablet that you have.


Do you want to sketch but you are not so good at it? Worry no more, because this drawing projector is just what you need, you will be an instant artist in no time! This drawing tool is for all the artist-wannabees. Your dream of becoming an artist is about to come true, thanks to this projector. It is very easy to use. Simply position this drawing tool at an angle where the paper is under the glass. After that, place the gadget with the image on its screen on the holder. The image on the mobile phone will reflect on your blank sheet of paper, you just have to trace the image using a pencil.


The glass of this drawing projector is from acrylic material. Therefore, it is high-quality and most importantly, it does not break even when it falls to the ground. Moreover, it also has a durable stand that’s just as reliable as the projector glass itself.

  • Sketch like a pro when you use this drawing projector
  • High-quality and break-free acrylic projector
  • Easy tracing; Suitable for most mobile phones and tablets
  • Material: Acrylic/Size: 200x130x1.5mm
  • Package Content:
    • 1 Set x Drawing Projector