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Double-sided Window Cleaner

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Product description

Cleaning outside windows from the inside can be challenging especially if you live in an apartment. The danger of falling out of the window can scare you making you give up on the task. This double-sided window cleaner is the perfect device to solve your dilemma!

With the help of this product, cleaning hard to reach window corners turns into a fun and enjoyable task. The cleaner has a powerful magnet that locks the two sides together leaving your windows sparkling clean. The tool allows you to clean simultaneously from both sides. So that cuts the work in half when done right.

You can use it with almost any type of window, like single and double glazed windows. The cleaner is easy to store and does not use up much space. The product is durable and is perfect for cleaning home windows, car windows, greenhouse, etc. You can use it to clean vehicle windows, sliding doors, shower screens, mirrors, and other glass surfaces.


  • Efficient and Convenient

The double-sided magnetic design allows you to clean your windows without risking standing near the window.  It also provides you with a safety rope to ensure that the magnet does not fall out of the window.

  • Creative Design

The product is triangular with a magnetic windshield wiper and a powerful internal magnet that blocks the two cleaning sides together. It enables you to completely clean both the interior and exterior sides of the window.  The water storage sponge design makes scrubbing easier.

  • Premium Material

This double-sided window cleaner is made of high-quality ABS material, natural latex, and magnet providing a strong magnetic force. The magnet is not easy to demagnetize, it will serve you for long. The product is equipped with an integrated water storage sponge to help clean the glass.

  • Easy to Use

When it comes to cleaning, this cleaner is not complicated to use. Simply, separate the two sides of each side then dip the sponge in the water with detergent. Put the security thread on the wrist. 

Open the window and fix the windshield wiper half with anti-fall rope on the outside window. Fix the other half with the handle inside the window. Move the windshield wiper inside and start cleaning both sides.

  • Versatility

The cleaner is designed with an adjustable five-speed magnetic force suitable for glasses with various thicknesses. It also comes with a 6.6 feet long rope for safety against the falls. 

When you use this magnetic glass cleaner, the rope will be attached to your hand and never falls. The product is suitable for cleaning household glass, high-rise glass, home company, etc.  It provides you with a stable and safe cleaning experience.

Technical Specifications

Color: Brown and beige

Shape: Triangle

Dimensions: 15 cm by 12. 5 cm


1 x Double-sided Window Cleaner