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Dog Umbrella with Built-In Leash

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Product description

Dog Umbrella with Built-In Leash

Protect your pet from the heat and rain with this Dog Umbrella with Built-In Leash! It is convenient and ideal for all pets! Just like humans, pets need protection from the rain and sun as well. The main purpose of this dog umbrella is to keep them safe when taking them for a walk. When you’re outdoors, there’s no telling what the weather will be and weather applications are not always accurate as well. That is why the best thing you can do is expect the worst and prepare yourself.

Convenient to Use

What makes this unique is that it already comes with a built-in leash. This makes it convenient to use because by simply holding the leash, you can hold the umbrella up for your dog too. It allows even for single-hand use and it is comfortable for your dog as well. He can still walk around freely even with the umbrella because it will only hover above him. It won’t block his way when he walks and it is also durable. The end of the leash is a clip-like mechanism so you can easily connect it to your dog’s collar.

Transparent Design

One of its features is that it has a transparent design. This way, you can easily monitor your dog even from a distance. It is not ideal to use umbrellas that will cover your vision from your dog. Dogs like to eat almost anything and if you can’t see them, they might eat something that will be harmful to their health. Also, this is a foldable umbrella and it is lightweight so it is easy to carry around. Finally, the handle is comfortable to hold. It has an ergonomic shape that can help you control it better in a way that won’t hurt both you and your pet.

  • This Dog Umbrella is ideal for small breeds and even for other pets such as cats
  • It is foldable, lightweight and ideal for traveling; convenient to carry around outdoors
  • Has a built-in leash for easy usage and its handle is comfortable to hold
  • Material: Transparent PE Plastic, Metal
  • Diameter: 69 cm/ Whole Length: 85cm
  • Built-In Leash Hook Length: 25 cm
  • Package Contents:
    • 1 x Dog Umbrella with Built-In Leash