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Creative Beer Opener Shooter

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Bottle Opener Shooter

Does the ordinary bore you? Do you want something unique and fun? Something out of the ordinary? Then, this bottle cap gun is perfect for you! This cap gun is actually a bottle opener. Only that, instead of throwing the bottle cap, you use it as your “ammo”. It’s called a cap gun for a reason. When you open the bottle, the cap goes to the barrel of the gun. So, you can aim and fire the bottle cap using the cap gun to launch it. This cap gun is fun for barbecue and picnic parties. It will keep the young adults entertained because of this new fun attraction. In fact, everyone in the group can enjoy playing with the cap gun. The cap gun is suitable for all types of bottle caps-whether it’s soda or a beer bottle.


Bottle openers serve only one purpose, and that is, to open bottle caps. There is nothing special about bottle openers until this one came to the picture. This bottle opener shoots bottle caps, which makes it unique. It’s a small, plastic can opener that allows the user to launch bottle caps in the air. It’s great for those who love to hold house and pool parties. Of course, when there’s a party, beers are there too! After opening a bottle of beer, you can use the launcher to launch the bottle caps. You can play this with your friends and family too!


What do you do with the bottle cap when the trash can is away? Shoot it with the cap gun! This cap shooter is super practical and handy. You do not need to go near the trash can to throw the bottle cap. Simply aim and fire to the trash can and the bottle cap will be there in no time!

  • A bottle opener that shoots and launches bottle caps in the air
  • It makes long-range shots; You can play it with your friends on house parties, barbecue, pool party, and picnics
  • No need to go near the trash can; Shoot and fire the bottle cap to get it inside the bin
  • Material: ABS + Metal + Magnet
  • Size: Approx.13 x 3.8 x 2cm
  • Package Content:
    • 1 x Bottle Cap Gun