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Cat catnip Lollipop

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Product description
  • Cats Lollipop: 100% Natural Compressed Catnip with Silver Vine Lollipop. It is made with organic silvervine without adding any chemical additives or preservative. Made with high quality fresh Catnip.
  • Healthy Cat: It is found to be neither toxic nor addictive. Healthy, zero-calorie cat lollipop treat that promotes exercise and gets cats up and active. Bring out your cat's inner kitten. Proven best for Dental health and care.
  • Freshness: These Captain Catnip Matatabi Sticks with Silver Vine are the perfect size and material for licking and chewing on. Small quantities are freshly packed in Air tight bags to ensure the freshest catnip.
  • Harvested Catnip: Harvested at the highest peak of season, ensuring best and pure plant quality. Always Stored in Air and Water to ensure fresh cat nip. Captain catnip encourages playful behavior of most bored, lazy, fat and old cats.
  • Fragrance: Captain Catnip is collected from the top blend of Catnip plant (aka Nepeta Cataria) aromatic effects of the fragrance and flavor makes your common domestic tabby into fun and cheerful kitty.