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Cake Cutting Knife Guide and Server

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Cake Cutting Knife Guide and Server

Cakes are part of every celebration. May it be a birthday party, an anniversary, a celebration for success and thanksgiving. Cakes are an essential part of parties and celebrations. There are many cake variants you can choose from. There’s the soft and airy sponge cake that’s best with syrup and a cup of coffee. There’s also the cheesecake, an all-time favorite. Or the ice cream cakes, a perfect blend of ice cream and cake–a classic. However, most of us would agree that cake cutting is always the tricky part. You have to be precise with your measurement so you have equal portions throughout. But, without a visual guide, having equal cake slices is not quite possible. Not until you use this cake cutting knife. This cake knife is not just a knife, it is also a guide (in cutting the cake in equal portions) and a cake server.

3in1 Cake Knife

This cake knife serves not just 1, not just 2, but three functions! It’s more than just a cake knife. It also serves as your guide in cutting the cake in equal portions. No more guessing and no more unequal cake portions. Now, there’s finally a cake cutter that guides you in cutting your cake. Moreover, after cutting your slice of cake, you can also use this knife to lift and serve your slice! So, the next time you’re buying a cake, always remember about this cake knife that is also a guide and a cake server.


This knife is made from 100% plastic material. It has no sharp edges that’s why it is safe even for kids. Confidently slice a cake without the danger of cutting your finger in the process. Use this bladeless knife. It is what you need and what you deserve!

  • No more unequal cake portions, thanks to this three in one cake knife, guide, and server
  • Easily cut and serve a slice of cake with this tool
  • It has no sharp edges that’s why it is safe even for kids
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 25 x 4 x 3.5cm (approx)
  • Package Content:
    • 1 x Cake Knife