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BetterLit Adjustable LED Floor Lamp Reading Home Office Desk Light

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Product description

Grab your Discounted  Adjustable LED Floor Lamp Reading Home Office Desk Light while the Store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on!


The BetterLit™ Adjustable LED Floor Lamp Reading Home Office Desk Light is suitable for many different uses. Home, office, desk and computer use. The high quality LED chip, high light efficiency, high color rendering index, low light decay, guarantees long life. It protects the eyesight, gives off strong heat dissipation, low light decay, low energy consumption, low radiation, and no stroboscopic. Variety of angles, simple and generous, work and decoration are correct. Angle adjustment is arbitrary, 180 degrees up and down swing, simple answer lines outline shape, enjoy high quality lighting. Translucent acrylic panel, elliptical lamp design, scientific circular surface light source technology, uniform illumination, less ghosting, clearer vision. BetterLit™ Adjustable LED Floor Lamp Reading Home Office Desk Light offers a sturdy wrought iron base, sturdy and durable, no deformation, stylish and elegant, ensuring a stable center of gravity.


The light source is everywhere, the beauty is everywhere. Wireless remote control, can be wall-mounted remote control, convenient and fast, no need to align the light pole, 10 meters wireless remote control distance. Very bright craft light and reading on your favorite couch: perfect for reading and hobbies, its super bright 2000 lumens and tunable temperature of 3,000K (warm white), 4,200K (neutral light), 6,500K (positive white). The use of cool white can improve the contrast between art and craft, reading, sewing, knitting, eyelash extension, or heating 3000K yellow tones, making illumination easier on the eyes.  Modern backdrop lights, alongside the living room sofa or lounge chair, provide a beautiful touch for comfort, tradition and cutting-edge modern style. It is slim and easy to move. The flexible neck tube allows you to focus on its bright light wherever you need it.


Adjustable LED Floor Lamp Reading Home Office Desk Light Features


  • Energy-Efficient LED

  • Durable & Flexible Gooseneck

  • Sleek & Elegant Build

  • Flexible Gooseneck

  • Modern Design

  • Touch Control

  • Memory Function