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Beer Holster Belt Drink Holder

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Beer Holster Belt Drink Holder

Beer is life for some people, they just cannot live without it. That is why beer is a favorite alcoholic. It’s the perfect pair for barbecue meats that is why many people love to drink beer in barbecue parties. This beer holster is a small pouch that you wear on your belt. It’s the perfect beer holder for parties because it keeps the beer secured while you enjoy the rest of the party. With this beer holster, you can enjoy playing games or manning the grill while still having a bottle of beer within reach! This beer holster has a sleek design, it’s from leather material so it’s fashionable too! If you are not a beer drinker but still need a holster for your drink, you can still use this one. This also fits soda bottles, cans, sparkling drinks, juice, and even a water bottle!


Whenever you are in a party, gathering, or an event, it’s always nice to have a cold drink nearby. This holster holds the drink for you so you can still enjoy the party without having the hold a bottle in your hand. Plus, it has an ergonomic design that prevents the bottle from spilling or tripping over. And since it’s from leather material, it’s slightly elastic so it can hold even beer and soda cans. It’s compact and lightweight, that’s why carrying a bottle around with you is not a problem. So, the next time you grab a bottle of beer, remember to also grab this beer holster!


Most drink holders are from plastic material, but this one is different. It’s from PU leather material so it’s more durable than plastic. Moreover, leather also matches with whatever you wear. You wouldn’t mind hanging on your waist because it still looks fashionable.

  • A convenient and fashionable holder for you cold drinks like beer, soda, sparkling juice, and even water
  • It’s a reliable holder that prevents the drink from spilling
  • Have a drink within arm’s reach without the need to hold it, thanks to the beer holster!
  • Material: PU Leather/ Net Weight: 20g
  • Item Size: 8.5 x 20cm/ 3.3 x 7.9″
  • Color Variants:
    • Black
    • Dark Brown
  • Package Content:
    • 1 x Beer Holster