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Aquarium Fish Tank Pre-Filter Canister

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Product description

Craving for a crystal clear pristine "Floating in Air" fish tank? Most seasoned Fishkeepers proclaimed that Pre-filter Canister could easily cut down their canister maintenance frequency by 200% and a lot of times it is unnecessary!


Does it helps extend the life of the canister? With pre-filter, you will find it a lot less debris in the canister. It extends the time between cleanings of the canisters tremendously. Needless to say, it adds to another site of the beneficial microorganisms to keep the Ammonia and Nitrites levels at bay.


What's more? Forget about the murky waters tank with this pre-filter canister. It gives you double filtration for crystal clear water. The relatively small-sized built making it easy to maintain compared to the bulky size of the canister. 
  • Serve as pre-filter canister: It can be easily set up in series with a canister filter to promotes a thorough filtration of your fish tank. Indirectly, it helps to prolong the maintenance frequency of your canister filter tremendously. 
  • 2-piece connector: For ease of tube connection with your main canister, the pre-filter comes with a 2-piece connector of 1.2cm and 1.6cm sizes for flexibility.
  • Water-filled center tubing. The water-filled center tubing ensures the inlet water flow through the filtering sponge before exit to canister inlet for complete filtration.
  • Small-sized built. When it comes to maintenance, the bulky size of the canister that stuffed full of bio-media and water definitely a nightmare to handle. Oppositely, the pre-filter is smaller and easy to maintain. 
  • Easy to setup. It requires an easy setup with a direct connection of the tubing with less hassle.


  • Dimension: 3.9*9.4*11.8" (10*24*30cm)
  • Material: ABS