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Air conditioning fan Air cooler,Portable Air Conditioning humidifier Quiet Office desktop cooler fan

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Product description
  • 1❅✅{Multifunctional air conditioner fan air cooler}; Easy to use, 3 gears adjustable (weak / medium wind / strong wind),Our intuitive design makes it easy for everyone to operate this portable air conditioner. And you can also choose to add water or ice. enjoy the cool summer.
  • ❅✅ { Simple, portable and comfortable}; Reject heavy large air conditioners, the first fully functional table air conditioner on the market, it can shake his head left and right, swing up and down in the market, Multidirectional wind speed meets your requirements.
  • ❅✅{3 Type Choose }; Without water;As a Fan use.natural wind . Add water; Use fan + Humidifier;Cold wind . And choose to add water or ice ; Rapid Cooling. Free ice cube box * 2 (water tank can put 2 ice crystals,with ice crystals box, Strong cooling, Refrigeration is equivalent to air conditioning) Add to water/ice in it if your making it even colder air. Tips; Every choice can adjust 3 gears (Weak / medium wind / strong wind
  • ❅✅ {Wide-angle air supply , continuous cooling} ; Large area air outlet, strong wind, Automatic swing leaf air supply, strong wind , let you quickly feel cool, Suitable for a variety of occasions, Work and play or in the rest.
  • ❅ ✅{Silent + Humidifier cooler fan}-Quiet operation, no noise, let you have a quiet and comfortable sleep.The water level can clearly see the water in the water tank, This portable air conditioner fan can be used as a table air cooler fan by adding ice water / water to the tank, so you feel more cooling and fresh wind.(the water in the water tank can be used for 30 hours, Don't worry)