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6pcs Cartoon Animal Tail Design Wall Hooks

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Suction Hooks Animal Tail Design (6pcs)

Most kid’s rooms are always messy. They have so many small and big items that need sorting out. And, because the kid’s room is always messy, your children always have a hard time looking for their stuff. It is not enough that you have storage boxes and cabinets in the kid’s room. You also need to install suction hooks like this one on their walls. These suction hooks have an animal tail design. These hooks are perfect for the kid’s room because it’s a fun and unique design. The hooks look like there’s an animal stuck on the wall and its tail is stuck out. Installing these hooks is easy. In fact, you do not need a drill, a nail, or a glue to install the hook. It comes with a suction that easily sticks on the wall.

Animal Tail

You’ll love that these hooks are not plain and boring. That is why they are the perfect hooks to use for the kid’s room and even on your baby’s nursery. What’s great if you have hooks on the wall is that you can easily hang important items like school IDs, keychains, and even small pouches and wallets. These hooks are quite big so they can also hold small lunch boxes, water bottle bags, and others. It also has a strong suction so you do not have to worry that the suction might fail. You can use these hooks on the bedroom, bathroom, and even in the kitchen!

Fun Design

With every package, you will get six hooks in six different designs and colors. These hooks are additional room decoration because they look really cute on the wall. And since it is suction, you can easily transfer it from one hole to another without any hassle!

  • Suction hooks do not need drill, nails, and glue; They are ready to stick on your wall, transferrable too!
  • Strong suction power, can hold small bags, lunchboxes, school IDs, etc
  • The cute animal tail design adds a unique touch to your child’s room
  • Material: Plastic
  • Sucker Size(Dia): approx:3.2×3.5cm
  • Package Content:
    • 6 x Suction Hooks