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330 Yards Dog Training Shock Collar with Remote Waterproof Rechargeable Transmitter

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Make your dog behave and stop barking.... Grab your 330 Yards Dog Training Shock Collar with Remote Waterproof Rechargeable Transmitter while STORE LAUNCH DISCOUNT is still on

Is your dog well behaved?  If you are struggling to train your dog, this is the perfect solution for dogs who appear to be untrainable.  You will be able to take your dogs to the beach with confidence!  The waterproof remote shock electric collar fits all sizes of dogs from small to extra large - but they must weigh over 15lbs

This set is the ultimate training and behaviour aid, whether new to e-collars for behavior training, or a previous user. The adjustable shock system helps your dog to quickly understand where they can go and how to behave.  Encourage your dog to behave perfectly in the house, yard or while walking in the park. It also helps to stop or control barking and digging!

Dog shock training collar - for all sizes dogs.  Works through walls

Signals transmit through walls. The transmitter has a range of 330 yards and you can select the operating mode which you prefer from 100 levels of static shock, or vibration through to a simple beep. The remote transmitter is waterproof to ensure it can handle any type of wet conditions.

100% WATERPROOF TRANSMITTER AND RECEIVER  going to the beach, walk your dogs in the rain or have a dog who loves water?  No problem, our transmitter and receiver are totally waterproof and won’t be damaged as a result of being immersed in water.

CHARGE BOTH AT THE SAME TIME  the bark training collar receiver and remote transmitter have rechargeable lithium batteries.  The charger supplied allows both to be recharged at the same time on a single USB socket!

PLEASE NOTE: The transmitter should only be put on a dog when you want to train it, do not keep it on your dog all day.  Do not leave it on your dog for more than 8 hours a day - it is not ideal for 24/7 use

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  • Adjustable collar size which is able to fit puppies or dogs: from 6 to 26 inches long. Suitable for dogs from 15 lbs upward - small, medium, large or extra large dogs
  • Zero skin irritation:  soft silicon covers contact points, protecting your pet's skin and giving a safe, humane training experience
  • Three training modes: , 0-100 levels of customization for Static Shock & Vibration and a standard Tone Mode, ensures you will find a stimulation that trains your dog like a professional would.
  • Uses: Basic Dog Obedience, Hunting, Digging, Aggression, Barking, Jumping Up, Bolting and More
  • Water proof: Both the Remote Transmitter and Collar Receiver are waterproof.  Perfect for the dog who loves water and swimming!
Dog training collar - waterproof and safe for all types of dogs (except puppies and toy dogs)

  • Range: 330 Yards/1000 Feet
  • Light Mode to assist seeing dog in low light conditions 
Our remote includes an LED light to help you locate your dog when walking in the dark.  This dog training collar operates in 3 different modes to help control different types of behaviour
  • Easy to operate and ergonomic transmitter
  • LCD Display featuring a Blue Back Light for nighttime usage
  • Easy to set up with a quick and straightforward pairing process
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium Batteries in the Collar Receiver and Remote Transmitter with Long Lasting Charge.  The remote and collar can be charged at the same time through a USB cable
  • Power saving design with Automatic Standby and Memory Function

Learn to how train your dog without hurting it...

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Remote Transmitter
  • 2 x Waterproof Collar Receivers
  • 2 x Adjustable TPU Straps
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 1 x Test Bulb
  • 3 Sets of Contact Points