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2020 New Design Slow Eating Dog Bowl

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Product description

Slow Eating Dog Bowl

Most dogs eat so fast and so much that they end up vomiting the food that they eat. It is their instinct to eat fast as if it’s the last food they will ever eat. This slow eating dog bowl has a special design that prevents your dogs from choking on their food. Unlike regular feeding bowls that have a clear surface, this one has blocks that almost look like a maze. These “blocks” prevent your dogs from taking in so much food. So, that they can only take when they can chew. This method of feeding also prevents your dogs from vomiting as a result of overeating. It is from BPA-free material which means that it does not have materials that can poison your pets. It’s also from PP material so it is durable even if it gets chewed and played with by your dogs.

Prevent Overeating

Regular feeding bowls are almost like spoon-feeding your dogs. They lose their natural ability to “hunt” for food by figuring out how to get the food to their mouths. This slow feeder gives them the chance to try to figure out how to get the food themselves. This way, they are no longer just sleep-and-eat creatures but they also get to use their brains while eating. Moreover, another advantage of this slow feeder is that it prevents your dogs from overeating because they only get enough food in one gulp. Your dogs also get to stand a little bit longer while they eat so they can exercise their legs more.


When you use this slow feeder, your dog will no longer waste the dog food that you give to them. So, this product is not only practical, but it is also economical. Gone are the days of wasted dog food!

  • Prevent your dogs from choking on their food and use this slow feeder
  • It is a smart solution to keeping your dogs in their ideal weight
  • This bowl also encourage your dogs to think while they find ways to get their food
  • Mouth Size: 18.3cm/Bottom Size: 20cm/Height: 4.6cm/Weight: 180g
  • Size: 25 x 20.8 x 5.2cm/Package Weight: 255g
  • Package Content:
    • 1 x Slow Eating Dog Bowl